• “As an experienced consultant, auditor and training specialist Jenni was very well qualified to work with both me and Thomas Pink Suppliers. The training I undertook was thorough and very comprehensive and her practical auditing guidance was excellent. Her no nonsense yet friendly manner with the suppliers we visited proved a real hit and I will definitely be recommending her services and management systems training to all Thomas Pink Suppliers. The training has also given me real confidence and the knowledge to continue auditing and engaging my suppler base independently.”

    Holly Browne Thomas Pink
  • “Jenni presented Management Systems/Grievance Mechanism to our auditor/supplier group. She took a topic which has the potential to be “dry and boring” and made it interesting and fun with everyone learning a lot… when we debriefed at the end of 2 full days of training… management systems was noted, without exception, as a positive and one of the highlights of the training! Jenni did an amazing job in using her presentation skills, engaging her audience and developing meaningful workshops that both engaged and trained. Thanks Jenni!”

    Rona Starr Director, Supplier Workplace Accountability, McDonald’s Corporation
  • “ESC International has the depth of experience and industry knowledge to jump start a project with very little ramp-up time. We needed a project completed in a very short time frame. They were able to understand the issues, identify our needs and provide us with an insightful response that was on target. Their flexibility and quick responsiveness to meet our needs was not only appreciated, but very refreshing when working with an external consultancy.”

    Linda Coen Supplier Program Management Director, Intertek
  • “Jenni is a highly effective and expert sustainability adviser and coach. Her practical, results-oriented approach, based on her extensive international experience means that she brings a clear understanding of the key issues for large organizations as well as smaller suppliers. She is a real pleasure to work with.”

    Jeremy Kourdi Managing Director, Entendeo Ltd
  • “Jenni’s experience in the areas of sustainability and social accountability, combined with her knowledge of global requirements and regulation,are valuable services that she provides through comprehensive training and consultancy for staff, executives and suppliers.”

    Dana Peterson Director of Marketing and Communications, International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd
  • “Jenni is a expert labour standards adviser. Her knowledge and experience of labour standard requirements and regulations globally as well as in the UK clarified the different aspects of the NHS LSAS and ensured that we were applying the necessary steps to mitigate labour standards risk in our supply chain. Jenni is particularly generous with her knowledge and her pragmatic yet disciplined approach gave us real confidence in our ability to manage this challenging programme.”

    Sue Brothers Managing Director, Meltimi Company Clothing Ltd
  • “I have worked with ESC on labour standards assurance, for a number of years. The professionalism and knowledge has helped my understanding and eased the process, each visit the process was explained and clarified, which enabled us to focus on the correct path. Jenni made the whole process enjoyable. I would recommend ESC to any organisation starting an Ethical route.”

    Liam Keen Quality Manager, Rocialle Ltd
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