Jenni Edwards – Managing Director

Jenni founded ESC International in 2016. She has over 15 years of experience and a deep passion for engagement and action surrounding supply chain sustainability, ethical worker practices, human rights and the environment.

Jenni’s also founded Ethical Rating Cymru©, a business-led programme in Wales designed to help organisations to demonstrate sound ethical employment management practices, reducing business risk, and enabling them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The pilot was sponsored by the Welsh Government and takes strong inspiration from the Welsh Government’s code of practice on ethical employment in supply chains.

Alder Tye Senior Development Manager

Alder is responsible for helping grow our businesses by finding new opportunities and developing new products and services. Alder was fundamental in establishing Ethical Rating Cymru© – a unique service allowing Welsh organisations taking action on the protection of workers and ensuring their human rights, to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Alder’s background is in Environmental Management bringing additional and invaluable skills to the business regarding the development, implementation, and monitoring of environmental strategies that promote sustainable development.

Alessandra Spigno – Principal Consultant

Alessandra is our principal consultant on global responses to human trafficking and forced labour. Her international experiences with OSCE, UNODC and IOM have made her an expert at designing ethical programmes and sustainable solutions for private companies.

Alessandra’s sociology degree from La Sapienza University of Rome equipped her with the right tools to study the exploitation and vulnerability of migrant workers, particularly in the areas of grievance mechanisms and sustainable procurement. Having completed training with both IRIS and RBA, Alessandra is also a labour and ethics lead auditor.

Max Lloyd – Media, Marketing and Events Coordinator

We are very lucky to have Max working with us for an internship. Max has notable experience in media and marketing, working as a brand ambassador during recruitment events at Newcastle University. His strong work ethic led him to simultaneously achieve a first in history during this period.

Although relatively new to the world of ethical trade, Max’s work as a Customer Services Associate focused on helping individuals in financial difficulties. His excellent customer service and invaluable experience with vulnerable individuals have made Max a real asset to the development of the company.