We design and deliver detailed ethical labour standards and modern slavery communication strategies.

Modern Slavery Statements

We support the development and writing of a corporate modern slavery statement.

Engagement and Communication

ESC International can design and deliver a sustainability communications strategy that will identify objectives, engage audiences and deliver vital, compelling messages. We can support a client’s strategy by outlining the process and the delivery, both internally and externally. The strategy will ensure that the sustainability communication supports the overall delivery of your programme and your company’s broader corporate communications.

Externally ESC International will engage with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders giving our clients a better understanding of their sustainability risks and opportunities. We facilitate this kind of communication through a variety of methods including meetings, interviews, polls and expert panels.

For communication within your supply chain ESC International will develop a programme of training and engagement that encompasses their differing levels of compliance (see training section for further info).

Internally ESC International can help companies train and engage employees on sustainability and social compliance issues – from company ethics policies, to environmental impact. We develop innovative internal communication and bespoke training to cater for all employees. Our communication services use a tailored combination of a variety of different channels covering print, online videos, digital resources, presentations, conference calls, training and events.

Research and Analytics

We have extensive in-depth industry and country risk knowledge mapped and readily available for our clients.
ESC International also offers bespoke research, analysis and identification of specific risks required by our clients.
Finally, we offer in-depth expert audit services for our clients. These are typically used to uncover those risks which are more difficult to identify or may be deliberately hidden. It can also serve as a tool to ensure that audit standards are aligned with their programme.


ESC International offers the option of measurement built into the delivery of all our services. This enables business to see where capability has improved within their business and/or supply chains, and also enables companies to see their return on investment.