Virtual Ethical Trade Manager

A flexible and affordable approach to ensure SMEs can offer the same commercial advantage as their larger industry counterparts.


ESC International helps manage programmes and compliance internally through external support.

A unique service offered to provide a cost-effective solution to managing ethical trade and modern slavery requirements for SMEs. A flexible and affordable approach to ensure SMEs can offer the same commercial advantage as their larger industry counterparts by managing their programmes and compliance internally with our external support.

The Package

ESC International’s Virtual Ethical Trade Manager programme will develop/review labour standards policies and procedures and advise on ensuring these are effective and legally compliant (as relevant) and support the day-to-day operation and implementation of the procedures. The package will also comprise of 1 to 2 days per month within the SME supporting relevant staff and delivering training and the SME will have free access to our training courses. Clients will get continuous telephone and email support as required.

– Initial Review/Gap Analysis to form the basis of programme and the business’ strategy

– Downloadable templates

– Internal training/workshops

– Free updates on important policy/legislation changes

– Online training modules

– 1-2 days per month in the business depending on programme

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